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Welcome To Beyond Desserts Catering, LLC

Fresh, Tasteful, Memorable


Whether you need a specialty custom dessert, perfect date night dinner, or fully catered event Chef Jessica Foster will be able to make your vision come to life. Let us make your event spectacular with our uniquely crafted offerings.

Our Services

Specialty Desserts & Treats

Custom Cakes

Private Chef Services

Drop Off Catering

Full Service Catering

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Custom Cakes & Treats

Check out our Services & delicious pastry menu and enjoy the best-baked items with Chef Jessica.

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Catering Services

Chef Jessica provides speciality desserts, custom cakes, private chef services, and full service catering 

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Check out the latest Chef Jessica's work and get inspired with our satisfying pastry collections


Bring your
next event to life with
Beyond Desserts Catering!


We'll help you party

Chef Jessica Adams

I have a deep love affair with food that started many years ago. To me food is the most important part of any celebration. Without food, you are simply just having a meeting!

I’ve have been cooking for as long as I remember. I grew up around women that took great pride in their meals and cooked everything from scratch and taste! "


Love for chef Jessica


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